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Корнієнко В.І., Самура Б.А., Ладогубець О.В. Дослідження впливу бенфураму на морфологію нирок при експериментальній нирковій недостатності
27.06.2014, 20:58

Корнієнко В.І.1, Самура Б.А.2, Ладогубець О.В.1 Дослідження впливу бенфураму на морфологію нирок при експериментальній нирковій недостатності у щурів.
Проведено експериментальне дослідження впливу бенфураму на морфологію нирок при експериментальній нирковій недостатності у щурів. Встановлено, що при підшкірному введені щурам хромату калію розвивається стійка патологія нирок, що позначається на морфології різних відділів нефронів. Бенфурам проявляє виражений терапевтичний ефект при експериментальній патології нирок, що позитивно впливає на їх морфологічну структуру. За вираженістю лікувального ефекту бенфурам перевищує препарат порівняння гіпотіазид. Бенфурам є перспективною фармакологічною речовиною для подальшого проведення дослідження діуретичної активності і безпечності з метою створення на його основі високоефективного препарату для поліпшення видільної функції нирок.
Ключові слова: бенфурам, морфологія нирок, діуретична активність.

Корниенко В.И., Самура Б.А., Ладогубец Е.В. Исследование влияния бенфурама на морфологию почек при экспериментальной почечной недостаточности у крыс.
Проведено экспериментальное исследование влияния бенфурама на морфологию почек при экспериментальной почечной недостаточности у крыс.
Установлено, что при подкожном введении крысам хромата калия развивается стойкая патология почек, которая отражается на морфологии разных отделов нефрона. Бенфурам проявляет выраженный терапевтический эффект при экспериментальной патологии почек, который положительно влияет на их морфологическую структуру. По выраженности лечебного эффекта бенфурам превышает препарат сравнения гипотиазид. Бенфурам является перспективным фармакологическим веществом для последующего проведения исследования диуретической активности и безопасности с целью создания высокоэффективного препарата для улучшения выделительной функции  почек.
Ключевые слова: бенфурам, морфология почек, диуретическая активность.

Kornienko V.I., Samura B.A., Ladogubets E.V. The research of benfuram’s effect on renal morphology under experimental renal insufficiency for rats.
An experimental study of the benfuram’s influence on the kidneys morphology in experimental renal insufficiency for rats was conducted. It was faund that  subcutaneous administration to rats potassium chromate develops persistent renal failure, which is reflected in the morphology of the different departments of the nephron. Benfuram exhibits a pronounced therapeutic effect in experimental renal disease, which has a positive effect on their morphological structure. In the expression of the therapeutic effect it is greater than the reference drug hypotiazid. Benfuram is a perspective pharmacological substance for further research of specific activity and safety in order to create highly effective drug for the improvement of renal excretory function.
Key words: benfuram, morphology of kidneys, diuretic activity.

Рецензент: д.вет.н. І.О. Жукова

УДК 615.254.1:547.857.4

1Харківська державна зооветеринарна академія

Харьковская государственная зооветеринарная академия

Украина, 62341, Харьковская обл., Дергачевский район,пгт. Малая Даниловка

Kharkiv state zooveterinary academy

62341, Kharkivdistrict, Dergachivskiy region, Malaya Danilivka

2Національний фармацевтичний університет (Харків)

Национальный фармацевтический университет (Харьков)

61002, г. Харьков, ул. Пушкинская, 53

National University of Pharmacy (Kharkov)

Ukraine, 61002, Kharkov, 53, str. Pushkinska



Renal function and its regulative mechanisms are constantly directed to adjust changes in water-electrolytic balance of an organism. Knowledge of regulative mechanisms in water-sodium balance under physiological and pathological conditions is important for rational diuretic pharmacotherapy.

The aim of the work is a morphological estimation of the renal state under the influence of benfuram at the terms of experimental renal insufficiency. The semiquantitative estimation of indexes, that display the state of renal corpuscles, the tubular and the interstitium were conducted.

The pathology was caused by non-permanent hypodermic introduction of a 2.5% potassium chomate solution (in the dose of 0.07 ml per 100 g of rats body weight). The light-optical research of microslides was conducted under "Leica DM 1000 LED" microscope. The obtained data were processed using non-parametric methods (criterion of Kruskal - wallis and Mann – whitney test)

Macroscopic researches of organs of rats (group of control pathology) showed that buds are megascopic, the capsule is in tense, the surface of bud is smooth and the color is pale grey. On a cut, the picture of layers is smoothed out, the crust layer is expended, the coloring is more pale, than in cerebral layer. For rats, which were administered by benfuram, buds in size, color, state of capsule, character of layers picture, approach rats of intact control. Buds in most rats, which got hypothiazide, were some megascopic in size, had a greyish tint, in a number of cases the picture of tissue was effaced on a cut.

The microscopic supervisions of control group demonstrate nephrons, which are totally stored, clear dividing into a bark and cerebral substance, corpuscles without pathological changes, an epithelium keeps integrity. Introduction of the potassium chromate causes renal tubules and glomerulis necrosis and necrobiosis, expansion of renal tubuli, flattening and dystrophy of epithelium, lymphoid stromal infiltration. The tubulohydrosis and the focal renal tissue atrophy is determined in a cerebral layer.

After seven days of introduction of benfuram in 60% cases - weak changes were observed: the not sharply expressed expansion of opening, swelling of renal tissue, shallow areas of disorganization and cell vacuolisation. The filtration apparatus, collective tubes and direct distal tubules, the stroma of the organ, were not changed. 20% of rats were shown average changes. There are signs of regeneration of the damaged structures of binuclear cells in tubules. Unlike animals from the group of pathology, the signs of tissue regeneration have been appeared. A general index on a group makes 4.24 points, that in 1.94 times lower of control pathology indexes.

Kidneys of animals, which were administered by hypothiazide, show moderate changes in 60% of animals. Not sharply expressed expansion of opening, shallow areas of disorganization and swelling of epithelium were observed. The filtration apparatus, collective tubes and direct distal tubules are untouched. In part of cells in tubules epithelium the regenerative increase of dinuclear cells amount is marked. The opening of some tubules are extended, renal tissue is oblate. The general point of changes on a group made up 4.76 points, that in 1.73 times below iof control pathology ndexes.

Necrosis of tubules and damage of their basale membranes is the reason of tubule reabsorption disorder and decline of renal secretory function. After introduction of benfuram to most rats, the improvement of histological picture was observed. Thus the damage of the tubule system is in 3.25 times less expressed than in a group with control pathology, and also in 1.8 times changes of reanl glomerulis are decreased. The sample drug hypothiazide assisted in morphological structure proceeding of different parts of nephrons, the damage of the tubule system is shown less than in 2.36 times, the changes of renal glomerulis are decreased in 2 times.

Thus, benfuram is a perspective pharmacological substance for further research of specific activity and safety in order to create new effective diuretic drug.


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